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Patience (mp3)

Patience. It can seem a waste of time, irresponsible, lazy, incompetent, out of touch, uncaring. We want to solve problems at their roots, nip them in the buds, and be preemptive to be preventative. Diligence is proactive. Is it different from patience?

Not everything requires us to make the first move. Dodging and blocking punches can lead to a quicker victory by exhausting the…

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History Lessons in Fathers and Patience

History Lessons in Fathers and Patience

History Lessons in Fathers and Patience (mp3)

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Israel: The New Power in Southeast Asia

Israel: The New Power in Southeast Asia

taiwan-israelFew disguised blessings are less disguised than Israel. One article uses a map to explain the strength that one small country has against Statist Islam. Israel is all that stands between the West and the Middle East, the East and the Middle East, the North and the Middle East, and the South and the Middle East—and Israel is right in the middle.

Looking at modern geography, it’s no wonder God…

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Silent Helpers

Silent Helpers (mp3)

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The Need We Didn’t Want

The Need We Didn’t Want

The Need We Didn’t Want (mp3)

If Heaven were a cuisine, it would be anything but junk food. It’s spicy. The lemonade is strong. The romaine lettuce is so bitter you can barely swallow it. And that’s what it means to be healthy. Praise God that God doesn’t give us sugar and chocolate every time we ask for it.

The little pockets of sobriety and sanity have kept the darkness at bay for centuries.…

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Trust Grows Beyond Religion

Trust Grows Beyond Religion

About two weeks ago, I hit a point of trust with the Lord. Most of my life has centered on trying to overcome the next hurtle. “If I can just get past this problem, then everything will be okay,” I’d always think to myself. But every sea I walk through leads to another challenge, bigger each time. As I age, now at the decrepit and elderly point of wisdom of 33 years old—and as I always think of…

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Unified Strategies: Pacific, Military, Prayer, American Politics

Unified Strategies: Pacific, Military, Prayer, American Politics

Unified Strategies: Pacific, Military, Prayer, American Politics (mp3)

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Prophetic Dream: Wake up from Delusions of Entrenched Generations

Prophetic Dream: Wake up from Delusions of Entrenched Generations

I typically don’t like the “prophecy” genre in speeches and blogs. I’ll try to be concise with details and avoid excess superlatives.

I was dreaming, on a Bible college campus, watching the Dean make his rounds. He had a complex system of inventing rules “after the fact”, but he’d always get away with enforcing them as if everyone should have known better, when, actually, he was just playing…

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Christian ‘Survivalism’

Christian ‘Survivalism’

In business, culture, End Times teaching, sin, Bible study, and many other topics, American Christians seem to be caught up in surviving rather than thriving. Sometimes, Christians teach that we “escape” hardship. Other times, Christians teach that we are “mostly oppressed” during hardship. Rarely do we see a theme of “thriving in the midst” of turmoil. Rarely do we see a theme of “strength in…

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IHOPKC: Urgent Call to Surf

IHOPKC: Urgent Call to Surf

Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, called the nation to urgent prayer. IHOPKC has responded seriously. Anne is not better than any one else. But she is in-the-know. She’s wired. Her father advises many presidents and other important leaders. The family has friends who know what happens behind the scenes. When praying woman or man who is wired makes an urgent call to prayer, it’s wise to…

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In Changing Tides Rise

In Changing Tides Rise

In Changing Tides Rise (mp3)

In changing times, it is easy to become afraid. Our natural tendency is toward self-defense and hiding. Sometimes, the best defense is offense—sometimes. That’s the thinking of the masses during times of change.

Fools are often their own worst enemies. Evil men are indeed foolish or they wouldn’t be evil. And evil is what people fear during times of change. From the…

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Optimus’ Secret Is Out

Optimus’ Secret Is Out

Optimus’ Secret Is Out (mp3)

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Church Sales Meetings

Church Sales Meetings (mp3)

“Now that you believe Jesus, you’ve got to attend weekly,” the evangelist says, though Jesus never mandated Sunday morning. Funny—I thought it made sense, until they said something similar at Amway meetings…

Amway’s own rules state that “training” is the personal responsibility of mentors and that other teaching systems are not required. A recent class-action suit…

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Opposition Reveals the Enemy’s Fear

Opposition Reveals the Enemy’s Fear

Opposition Reveals the Enemy’s Fear (mp3)

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Jesus can Be a Political Solution

Jesus can Be a Political Solution

Jesus can Be a Political Solution (mp3)

Americans agree on many things…

Republicans and Democrats get elected too much. Libertarians don’t get elected enough. Corporate Rights eat Human Rights. Eco-weenies are institutionalizing Pantheism. The real climate change is cold rain caused by a 500 year solar cycle—but it’s being lebeled “warming caused by people”. Big Oil, Big Entertainment, Big…

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